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Summary: Kakyoin learns how to deal with Polnareff, and how to go with the flow when travelling.
Note: Set after Emperor/Hanged Man.

it's always better on holiday.Collapse )
Summary: Caesar shows Jojo what he can do with his fingertips.
Note: Set the night before they meet Lisa Lisa.

their ripples echo together.Collapse )
Summary: School life before mutual killing. Featuring everyone.
Notes: Major spoilers. Set before the series.

how do you stop once you've started?Collapse )
Summary: For this kink meme prompt. Inspired by a Cosmo article.
Notes: Spoilers for Chapter 2 of Dangan Ronpa. Foodkink. Doughnuts. Hagakure.

trade the doughnuts in.Collapse )
Summary: Touko Fukawa goes to an anime convention to meet her classmate.
Notes: Spoilers for Chapter 2 of Dangan Ronpa. Violence and murder. Special thanks to my wonderful beta.

let me lay waste to thee.Collapse )

Parallels Fanworks Exchange - Dear Author

This is the letter to my author for the parallelsfic fic exchange. My requested fandoms are Dangan-Ronpa, Star Driver, Gintama, and Un-Go.

Hi! Thank you for looking at this post, and I hope you can take some of my preferences into consideration while writing! Honestly, I'm really grateful that someone is writing for these fandoms, so thank you.
general details and fandomsCollapse )

Dinner for Two [Un-Go, Inga/Shinjuurou, R]

Summary: Shinjuurou cooks, and Inga eats.
Notes: Originally posted on the Un-Go kink meme, for the prompt dinnertime conversations.

savour every single taste.Collapse )
Summary: Ringo is going to fix her relationship with Shoma by today. By whatever means necessary.
Notes: Set sometime after the meeting in Episode 14, in an indefinite timeframe.

you don't have to say it, i know.Collapse )
Summary: Kyouko works alone until she meets Mami, and then things get complicated.
Notes: Set after Episode 12. 4500+ words.
everyone needs something they can tell themselves.Collapse )
Summary: Keith introduces Kotetsu to the Mile High club. Originally written for the anon meme, in response to this prompt.

it's a good day to fly today.Collapse )
Summary: Sky High has a crush on Wild Tiger, and asks him out on a date. Things get a bit more serious than he expected.

i feel like a thief when you're bleeding.Collapse )
Note: First draft was originally posted on the kink meme, for this prompt, with the title "Give Me Fire". Also, rhea314 has created a great podfic, which can be found here!

when the seeds take, it grows like weedsCollapse )
Summary: An epilogue. What happened after the last episode, and how the adventure of life went on for most of them.
Rating: PG.
Pairings: Nothing non-canon.

Author's note: In canon supplemental information, true mark bearers cannot sleep. Except for the King, the Maidens and the True Galactic Pretty Boy (Takuto).

Also, rhea314 has created a wonderful podfic for this story, which can be found here!

apprivoise.Collapse )

Catalyst [Bakuman, Hiramaru/Aoki, PG]

Hiramaru stares at Aoki's name on the phone.

He has no idea how to work up the nerve to go on a...friendly outing with her. Are there certain procedures he should follow? Where should they go? What should they do?
that girl's a different girl today.Collapse )
Summary: In which Shinra wears rabbit ears, Shizuo explores sexual dominance, and Celty is a voyeur. (Pet-play. Shinra/Celty/Shizuo.)

show me where you got it / cause i know you got a habitCollapse )
Sugata's sprawled on his gigantic bed, fast asleep. He's dressed in a deep purple robe, tied loosely at the waist. The bow looks like it was tied just so it could be undone, like it would fall apart at the slightest breath.
go to sleep, let this wash all over meCollapse )
Summary: Takuto goes to a buffet with Wako and Sugata, and valiantly struggles with his math homework. (Set after Episode 8.)
azure sky, cerulean seaCollapse )
She isn't wearing anything.

She's used to being nude, but not in this context. This is the opposite of a purification ceremony - she's standing barefoot, arms spread out, ready to be tamed.
dancing for your pleasure.Collapse )
"You look...different, Fukuda-san." Aoki peers at Fukuda's light green button-up shirt and jeans, and presses her lips together. She tries not to laugh too obviously, covering her mouth with her hand. His bandana is conspiciously absent from his head, but his hair is suspiciously rumpled. He probably took it off before entering.
a curious romance.Collapse )



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