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My Perfect Ring of Scars: A typical night for Ladd and Lua. (R. Short. Violent. Ladd/Lua.)


Catalyst: Hiramaru goes to a cafe with Aoki, and tries to avoid sabotaging himself. Unfortunately, this is probably a lost cause. (PG. Hiramaru/Aoki.)

Imperfect Match: Somehow, despite all odds, Fukuda and Aoki manage to go on a date. And repeat the process. (PG-13, Fukuda's a pottymouth. Fukuda/Aoki.)

Comics: DC/DC Animated

Fearful Symmetry: When Carmen Sandiego appears in Hub City, Renee Montoya feels compelled to investigate. (Comicverse, R. Renee Montoya/Carmen Sandiego.)

Simple Answers: Sometimes the only way to get Question to sleep is to tie him up and ride him. (DC Animated. R. Question/Huntress.)

Comics: Marvel

Crazy For Your Touch: Wade's skin is very sensitive. Nate likes to tease, and takes advantage. (Cable/Deadpool, NC-17.)

As Cold as the Night: Emma tries something new in the bedroom. Scott doesn't disapprove. (Pegging. Scott/Emma. NC-17.)

Comics: Wildstorm

I'll Connect the Numbers (You Protect My Heart): Midnighter wants to submit to Apollo. It's very hard. (NC-17. Apollo/Midnighter.)

Dangan Ronpa

Burning Down Love: Touko Fukawa goes to an anime convention to meet her classmate. (R. Violence and spoilers for Chapter 2.)

Junk Food for Dashing Youth: Aoi has a strategy meeting with Hagakure and Fukawa. It does not end as expected. (NC-17. Foodkink. Doughnuts. Syo/Hagakure/Aoi.)

Old World Order: School life before mutual killing. Featuring everyone. (PG. Major spoilers for the first game. Set pre-game.)


And the Forces of Evil: Izaya and Namie watch the Powerpuff Girls. (PG-13. Gen.)

Devour to Survive: "He doesn't think of what he does as cruel. If they were determined enough to live, they would do so." Izaya-centric. (PG-13, mentions of suicide, no canon deaths. Gen.)

Gospel of Deception: Izaya learns how to lie so well that it's almost the truth, how to pretend to be a girl online, and how to deal with Shizuo. A story about Izaya's misspent youth, and how he became what he is. (PG-13. Gen.)

Crush: Alley sex. Izaya wants Shizuo, Shizuo wants Izaya dead. Izaya also wants to call Shizuo by inappropriate nicknames without Shizuo trying to kill him, but we can't always get what we want. Or can we? (NC-17. Izaya/Shizuo.)

Follow You Around: Harima Mika is sixteen, and going to start high school, and hopelessly in love with Yagiri Seiji. She loves pink, she's a bit of a stalker, and she's been in true love at least ten times.
As her head hits the wall, she thinks this might be the last. (PG. One-sided Mika/Seiji.)

Hail to the King, Baby: Mikado tops (almost) everyone. LIKE A BOSS. (Mikado/almost everyone. NC-17.)

Superpredators: "Erika neatly stacks the books in a bag after Walker wipes away the blood from the dustcovers." How Erika and Walker spend their nights. (Erika/Walker. NC-17.)

Appetite: Celty, with the help of Shizuo, cooks curry for Shinra. (Celty/Shinra, background. PG.)

The Open Road: Celty invites Shizuo to go look for aliens. (R, Shizuo/Celty.)

Old Friends (And New Lovers): Shizuo doesn't know it, but Celty and Shinra care about him, and want to show him that he's loved. (Shinra/Celty/Shizuo, R.)

Come On, Little Rabbit: In which Shinra wears rabbit ears, Shizuo explores sexual dominance, and Celty is a voyeur. (Pet-play. Shinra/Celty/Shizuo. NC-17.)

Fullmetal Alchemist

What You Want (And What You Need): Ling visits Winry's house to freeload, flirt with Winry and get her to teach his mechanic how to fix Lan Fan's arm. (Written before the series ended. NC-17. Ling/Winry.)

Guilty Gear

Left Over from the War: It's Ky's birthday. Sol helps him celebrate. Uniforms are involved. (Sol/Ky, NC-17.)


With Hidden Noise: The origins of everyone's totems. Featuring: Ariadne, Eames, Arthur, Yusuf, Mal, Cobb, and Saito. (PG-13, mainly gen.)

The Empty Sky: How Dom and Mal entered limbo, and how they got out.

Firestarter: Arthur's first love is his best friend's wife, and from then on it just goes downhill. (Arthur/Mal, Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Saito, and Arthur/Ariadne. NC-17.)

Destructive Testing: Mal's curls tickle Ariadne's face, her hot breath on Ariadne's neck. (Psycho!Mal/Ariadne. NC-17.)

Three Meetings: "Arthur has no idea how to take advantage of a situation. In fact, the man has no creativity whatsoever." (Arthur/Eames. NC-17.)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Ripple Effect: Caesar shows Jojo what he can do with his fingertips. (Joseph/Caesar. NC-17.)

Mawaru Penguindrum

Armistice: Ringo is going to fix her relationship with Shoma by today. By whatever means necessary. (PG. Ringo/Shoma.)

One Piece

Sanji's Most Incredible Birthday (Until the Next One): How the Strawhats celebrate Sanji's birthday. (Contains Very Cunning Schemes, and Luffy. Gen. PG.)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Stay, Don't Go: Kyouko works alone until she meets Mami, and then things get complicated. (Kyouko/Mami. NC-17, set after Episode 12.)

Star Driver

The Way We Get By: An epilogue. What happened after the last episode, and how the adventure of life went on for most of them. (Ensemble, no non-canon pairings, PG.)

Perfect Little Dream: Sugata's sprawled on his gigantic bed, fast asleep. He's dressed in a deep purple robe, tied loosely at the waist. The bow looks like it was tied just so it could be undone, like it would fall apart at the slightest breath. (Set after Episode 8. Takuto/Sugata. NC-17, somnophilia.)

On A Friday: Takuto goes to a buffet with Wako and Sugata, and valiantly struggles with his math homework. (Set after Episode 8. Gen, PG.)

Ripples on a Blank Shore: This is the opposite of a purification ceremony - she's standing barefoot, arms spread out, ready to be tamed. (Head and Fish Girl. PG.)

Star Trek

Stellar Cartography: "His ears are tipped with silver glitter, and he hopes that Spock did that by himself because he can't  stand the thought of someone else seeing Spock so undone, touching his ears, forcing that little purring noise out of him." (Kirk/Spock, NC-17.)

Wild Horses: Spock always wanted a pony. (Kirk/Spock, hypnosis kink. R.)

And I Can Bind You With No Ties: Spock wants to be restrained. Kirk is an opportunist. Spock doesn't mind. (Kirk/Spock. Bondage. NC-17.)

It's Getting Hot In Here (So Take Off All Your Clothes): Chekov, like many other people, understands the allure of a shirtless Kirk. (Chekov/Kirk, NC-17.)

Safe from Pain and Truth and Choice: Chekov clicked the collar around Kirk's neck, using his fingers to check that the gap was wide enough. (Pet-play, Chekov/Kirk. NC-17.)

Tiger and Bunny

Spreads Like Flames: Kotetsu and Barnaby are confronted with their toughest foe, sex pollen. Sex pollen wins. No one really objects. (Wild Tiger/Bunny - Kotetsu/Barnaby. Aphrodisiacs. NC-17.)

Skin on Skin: Sky High has a crush on Wild Tiger, and asks him out on a date. Things get a bit more serious than he expected. (Sky High/Wild Tiger - Keith/Kotetsu. NC-17.)

Do the Whirlwind: Keith introduces Kotetsu to the Mile High club. (Sky High/Wild Tiger - Keith/Kotetsu. NC-17.)


Dinner for Two: Shinjuurou cooks, and Inga eats. (Inga/Shinjuurou. R.)
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