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Title: My Perfect Ring of Scars
Rating: NC-17ish
Characters: Ladd Russo/Lua Klein
Summary: I'd probably still adore you with your hand around my neck - or I did last time I checked.

Ladd Russo loves Lua, but one day, he'll have to kill her.

If he didn't have to kill her, he would hardly love her as much.

He'll kill her the day she flinches at his touch.

Lua never flinches.
you know I can see/what you really areCollapse )

mesmerize [holmes/watson - movieverse]

Prompt: "Ever since I saw that hypnotist at the bachelor party I can orgasm on command. Which would be great if my friends would tell me the command."

Watson flipped through Holmes' detailed set of instructions as he internally regretted his agreement, but Holmes had already sat down, eyes fixed on Watson, and it was too late to back out. Especially when Holmes had been so enthusiastic about the idea.

Watson supposed it was the next step in Holmes' surrender of control - padded blindfolds and handcuffs had ceased to be enough for him a long time ago. Holmes sat naked on the sofa, hair untamed, hands on his knees, waiting for Watson.

The pocketwatch dangled in front of Holmes, as Watson took a deep breath, and prepared to begin.
mesmerize.Collapse )
Note: I hope the timeline is accurate.

Secretly, Ky hates the uniform of the Holy Order.
come wage my holy warCollapse )
Prompt: Watson/Holmes
Any of the following cliches:
-Titanic arms-outstretched embrace
-Kissing in the rain
-Post-coital cigarette/pipe smoking

It's unusual to find Holmes outside when he isn't busy solving a case, as Watson is used to him mouldering away in his quarters, arranging curios into esoteric formations that only he understands and filing documents in piles that are both disorganised and suitable for sleeping on.
maybe the rain?Collapse )
Sanji's birthday, that year, was possibly the best one yet.

Not that there was much competition, as most of his birthdays before that had been spent at the Baratie. The only concession that old bastard made was that he tried to kick slightly less hard (and didn't always succeed).
for once, NOT PORN.Collapse )
Prompt: Haruhi: FEMBones
Tamaki: Kirk
Kyoya: Spock
Hikaru: Hikaru (Sulu)
Chekov can be Honey or Kaoru, I guess.
Spirk please? :D

Bones rolled her eyes as she pressed a hypospray to the Captain's neck.

"Could you stop moving about, Captain?"

"I know there are not many men in your dreary life, Bones! I cannot help but recoil in awe of your maidenly beauty, while regretting that it is wasting away in this cold medical lab!"
grope grope fall in loveCollapse )
It's like there's a halo all around Apollo, one that exists for these moments, lighting the room up.

They're in the darkness and the leather is creaking against his wrists, and all Midnighter can do is close his eyes and flex his hands against the cuffs and pretend that there aren't a million ways of taking Apollo down for doing this.
Stars in constellation now I know that's who you are.Collapse )
Prompt: Someone needs to make this happen:
(304): You were in the bathroom for two hours practicing “Revenge Faces”.
IDK which characters this is relevant to but this needs to happen.

"Nonsense, Hikaru! I am grown man, such silly insults by Captain do not affect me!"

"...you were in the bathroom for two hours, I was just asking if you were okay."

"I was not crying like little boy! I was practicing my Revenge Face!"
push pin, stuck inCollapse )
He's going to have to get him to the infirmary if this continues, even if Chekov repeatedly insists that a good sweat is the Russian way for getting rid of a fever.
gonna burn in hellCollapse )
Prompt: Scott Summers/Emma Frost, pegging

She's got the box out when he steps into the room, and for a moment he's relieved, because he's so exasperated from training the kids that even a flogging would be better than the day he went through.

but you're an explosion (you're dynamite)Collapse )
Prompt: The Question (Renee Montoya)/ Carmen Sandiego- bondage, bonus points for the phrase "Where in the world..." and the use of fedoras and trench coats.

This isn't really Renee's beat, she's fairly sure there's a whole government-funded agency for these events. One artifact goes missing and suddenly there's a veritable army of gumshoes, slavering to interview people. Usually they're always several henchmen behind, only arresting that woman in the nick of time before she steals something large. Like the Sphinx. Or maybe the Moon.

Then again, none of those gumshoes would ever venture to Hub City. Probably for the best, all around, except for the part where the Question has to chase down a mysterious woman in red before she vanishes into thin air. "Carmen Sandiego", if that's her real name, is rumoured to be a meta and Renee isn't doubting that at the moment, because she has no idea how someone can steal an entire museum. Sure, it isn't as mystifying as the times where cities vanish off the map and stunned news anchors tell everyone not to be too alarmed, but it's just logistically puzzling.

no shame, except for getting caughtCollapse )

simple answers (question/huntress, JLU)

Prompt: JLU Question/Huntress, sometimes the only way to get Question to sleep is to tie him up and ride him.

complicated as we are, we're gonna have to burn it all away.Collapse )

crazy for your touch (cable/deadpool)

Prompt: What if all the scars/tumors/experimentation actually make Wade super-sensitive, as in he gets hard from just a kiss, comes if his nipples get played or a few well-placed gropes. And the poor guy is well...very insecure about it. Cue slightly evil Nate (or whoever), who is totally taking advantage of this fact to drive Wade completely out of his mind be it during sexy time or not. Bonus if Nate plays with Wade in a semi-public to public setting.

i want it, you got it, so muchCollapse )
Prompt:Nate's "Black Mamba Fantasy" is marrying Wade.

"Come onnnn, Nate. I told you mine! You have to tell me yours! That's how this whole buddy thing works!"

"...Wade, it's not my fault that you saw a bottle of WD-40 and got started on this. Also, the answer is still no."

charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancingCollapse )



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